About Me

I was born in Tacoma Washington. My father had immigrated to the US from Peru, and I was the first Arancivia to be born an American Citizen. My mother was born here in the US and lived in the Pacific Northwest all her life. I moved to Southern California in High School, and lived there until I joined the USAF at the age of 24. I came to Idaho in the mid 1990’s. I had joined the USAF and got stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base. Idaho was new to me, but I quickly fell in love with it. During my time in the military I was stationed in the UK for 3 years and then returned to Idaho where I went to school at ITT Tech and received an AAS in Computer Network Systems Technology in 2001. Shortly after I graduated from ITT Tech the September 11th attacks occurred. I was in USAF Inactive Reserves status, but I felt that I needed to be available for duty. I joined the IDANG at that time and served another 7 or so years. I was a Security Forces member in both the USAF and IDANG. I have always felt a need to serve others. My work experience has been mainly military Security Forces and IT fields.

The pictures are just a few that I thought I would share. The top left one is of my Grandfather who was a bullfighter in the 40s in Peru and a prominent citizen in the Lima/Callao area of Peru. The bottom right picture is of my mothers side of the family from way back in South Dakota. In that picture is my Great Great Grandfather, who was a Sioux Native, my Great Grandmother and my Grandfather. The middle picture is of me shortly after I joined the military and was stationed in RAF Mildenhal in the UK. The top right picture is of my playing the drums in a band a few years back. Playing the drums is a long time hobby of mine. The bottom left picture is a recent picture of me on my Victory motorcycle which I love riding any time I get a chance.

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Pictures from Kevin McCartney / nappy / Josh Willink